Grassland | Lamps made of preserved grass
The lamp shades made of dried real grass are an eye-catcher and are an accent in business premises, at trade fairs and in private residential areas.
office lighting, design, highlight, lighting, lamps, dining room table, entrance area, foyer, extraordinary lamp
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The lampshades immediately draw the eye and add a distinctive accent to business premises, trade show spaces and private homes.


The lampshades are designed to fit standard European fixtures (E27). The shades weigh between approximately 0,5 kg (medium) to 2 kg (jumbo). Please note that the grass can be damaged if handled.


Shade M,

ø ca. 40 cm, height 22 cm, cone

Shade L,

ø ca. 50 cm height 21 cm, cone

Shade XL,

ø ca. 60 cm, height 22 cm, cylinder


ø ca. 100 cm, height 30 cm, cylinder


Delivery time of Shade L and Shade M takes up to 2 weeks. Large orders as well as other shade forms and sizes available upon request.


We are happy to advise you on your ideas and projects. For more information and offers, please contact us.


Fon: +49 (0)221 469 90 90


Lampshade out of real grass

Grass lampshade “Shade L”, ø ca. 50 cm


Lampshades Shade L – Lighting on fair stand

Ligth exhibition with hanging lamps

Hanging Lamps Shade L – exhibition lighting

Hanging Lamp out of grass

Grass hanging lamp Shade L, ø ca. 50 cm

Green office with different grass objects

Lamp and light design, Jumbo, Shade M, Shade XL and Shade XXL (from the left)

Dining table lamp

Lamp for dining table, Shade M, ø ca. 40 cm

Green office with different grass objects

Office greening, Jumbo, ø ca. 100 cm