your grass
grassland produziert individuelle Schriftzüge, Firmen-Logos und Leuchten für Geschäftsräume, für Messen oder für den privaten Wohnbereich.
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We bring your ideas to life

Your logo in grass?

1. Define the design and size of your logo.

2. E-mail file and receive quote.

3. Wait impatiently for grass to grow.

4. Receive your logo, mount it on the wall and enjoy.

For further information, please call: +49 (0) 221 469 90 90

Or by e-mail to

1. Planning 

How large should your grass logo be?

We would be happy to advise you on the basis of your photos or drawings – be it in determining the size of your logos, designing a wall montage or completely greening your office.

grassland data and proposal

2. Contact us with your request

Send us the design and desired size of your logo and we’ll prepare a proposal.


To produce your logo, we’ll need a vectorized file of the design.

3. Wait for the grass to grow

The grass grows for a few weeks. After that it is dried, cut and tinted.


The object is then carefully packed for shipping.



4. Receive and install your logo

The logos are easy to install. A positioning template and mounting instructions are included with your shipment.


On request, we would be pleased to install your logo.